The Classic of Classics

09042017 Victoria sponge 2Ok, so this is my second blog, in which I intend to share my baking adventures, including my self-imposed challenge to bake all the recipes, mostly in order, in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. I should probably explain that the first chapter is Classic Cakes and consists of the author’s takes on go-to cake recipes. It could hardly be such a chapter without a Victoria Sandwich recipe and it is indeed recipe no. 2.

As a regular and keen baker, I probably could make one of these in my sleep so actually following the recipe was a novelty. Normally my Victoria Sandwich would have whatever home-made jam was in the fridge in sufficient quantity, most often strawberry jam, as well as buttercream, with icing sugar rather than caster sugar sprinkled on top. The recipe does not include buttercream however and I duly left it out. I did however include the two teaspoons of baking powder, as well as self-raising flour that the recipe recommends. I haven’t done this before, but I have to admit it was a good rise. I also used Traidcraft’s fairly-traded golden caster sugar, just because I like it. It helps give a lovely colour to the sponge.

09042017 Victoria sponge 1

I treated myself to a new set of 8″ / 20cm non-stick sandwich tins – £2.00 for the pair in Tesco, a bargain. I finished the cake with strawberry jam filling and icing sugar sprinkled on top. It was a fine looking cake, even if I do say so.

B&B (my teenage children) agreed that it was a very good cake, but the conversation went something like this:

Eldest: “Mum, it has no buttercream.”

Me: “The recipe did not include buttercream and I followed Mary Berry’s recipe… for once.”

Eldest: “Mum, you let yourself down, you let your family down, you let Mary Berry down.”

Me: “It’s Mary Berry’s recipe! She said no buttercream.”

Eldest: “It’s a very good cake, but still it should have buttercream.”

Me: “Well the next recipe in the book has buttercream.” (What they don’t know is that the next recipe in the book is a Coffee Sandwich and they don’t like coffee cakes! Still, all the more for me. She who laughs longest and all that.)



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